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In Loving Memory

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Hera changed my world...while here in body and forever more in spirit. She was my rock and my soft pillow all at the same time. She taught me how to love but more importantly how to accept love. She saw me in and out of two wheelchairs...cheering me on, pushing me when she needed to...kissing my tears of pain and frustration away. She kept me in the world of the living when I desperately sought to leave it. She inspired me. She made me laugh! She had a wicked sense of humor and thoroughly LOVED pissing off my other furry friend, Sequoia, by making her jealous...it always made her laugh. LOL.

She taught me how to age gracefully...she loved chasing squirrels when she was younger and as she got older…and slower...instead of giving up she just switched to turtles! LOL. She said, she might not be as fast as she once was but she was still HERA...Turtle hunter!! LOL. Her name said it all, a true goddess...in a fur coat. She was "on guard" from birth...a German Shepherd through and through. Even moments before her death, she was alert, on guard...warning Sequoia about the squirrel/chipmunk invasion that she has been protecting the world from since she was a pup...she even did one last perimeter sweep just to make sure everything was secure. She loved butt scratches, belly rubs, "special" water, making Quoia jealous, guarding, killing donkey, killing snake, eargasms, schooling new pups, peanut butta' cookies...but mostly, she loved me.

She was my best friend for just shy of 15 years...and I will miss her so...Thank you so much Puppy Girl! You came in to save me...job well done! You opened my heart in such a way that my life is changed forever more...I love you baby!


Home pet euthanasia services offered primarily in Adams County, Boulder County, Broomfield County, Denver County and Weld County in Colorado. Accommodations may be made for home euthanasia services in outlying areas in Colorado with sufficient advance notice. We accept credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, or you can pay by cash or check. Full payment is due at the time of service. Thank you.

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