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There's good, there's great, there's amazing and then there's Jason. Putting our fur babies down is not an easy thing to do, but he truly did give me 1 Last Gift when it was time to say goodbye to my sweet Peyton girl. From our initial phone call to him having to rearrange his off day and come out a day early, Jason was SO kind, caring, and more compassionate than I could have ever imagined. If and when you are ready to send your pet to that "rainbow bridge" everyone talks about, you NEED him and 1 Last Gift. I know I've already said it, but my heart (and my girl) is thankful for you, Jason.

Dr. Jason, who euthanized Valcor was so compassionate, thoughtful, caring for all of us, and made the transition gentle and smooth without pain.

Thank you, Jason, for helping Charley out of a painful situation. You must be a dog whisperer.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Cordeiro and I don't even know where to begin. I first made a call to Jason in early April when the difficult time had come to put my soulmate, Otis, down and send him to Rainbow Bridge. When Jason contacted me, I knew I could put my trust in him. Jason was compassionate and understanding of what I was going through. He gave me the confidence that with his help I could get through this extremely emotional and trying time. Otis's last moments were beautiful and the whole process went so smoothly all because of my confidence and trust in such a beautiful person; Jason. Recently, I had to contact Jason again when our other dog, Marley, was ready to meet his brother at Rainbow Bridge. Once again, Jason exceeded my expectations in the whole process from the moment he picked up the phone until the moment we said our final goodbyes. I cannot think you enough, Jason for all you have done for our family. We miss "the boys" terribly every day and the tears continue to flow, but you make these hard days easier to endure knowing we were able to give them "1 last gift." Thank you for making their final moments on this earth such a beautiful and peaceful experience. You will always have a place in my heart for what you have done, Jason. You are an amazing soul.

Dr. Jason, I cannot send you enough gratitude for what you do. You truly made the experience as comfortable as it could be. The fact that Pele not only acknowledged you, but also gave you kisses, was very clear that you were meant to be the one.

We miss Daisy daily. We have the beautiful box of her ashes setting on the shelf next to our dining table, just where she would love to be. Thank you dearly for you love and generosity during such a trying a time, and making it something beautiful. We are forever grateful.

Dr. Cordeiro – You provide a fabulous service for pet owners and I want to thank you for all that you do. It is more than evident how much you love and connect with dogs. You have been chosen for this work and you are honoring God, the Universe and all the companion animals with whom you come into contact! You are an Angel walking and I do believe you will continue to grace the path home for thousands of sweet animals before you hang up your stethoscope. I am so grateful you were there for us, for Zaina, to help escort her home to Doggy Nirvana.

This is the second time I've used Dr. Cordeiro; so I knew he was the one for the job.

So many things could have gone wrong; trying to euthanize a feral kitty of 13 years. He could only be touched through armholes in the screen door. I truly believe that Dr. C's calm, kind demeanor comes through to every animal. It went perfectly; as I'd hoped. I can't thank you enough for you immense kindness to me and my feral boy: Kiki. You are the most amazing person; as we all felt your authentic compassion.

You are such a wonderful, excellent human; I am forever in your debt.

— Diana Keeler and Kiki the feral boy

I've been thinking about what I could say to thank you for being so kind and generous on that difficult day, but as we all know, words cannot express how we truly feel or how grateful we are. Turk was my heart and soul and bought so much joy to my life. I'm glad you had a chance to meet him.

We were beyond impressed with Dr. Cordeiro's ability to provide us with comfort and peace during a very difficult time while we said goodbye to our cat, Cinderella, of 15 years. This was the first time we have ever had to face these type of circumstances so we were very emotional and indecisive. Dr. Cordeiro spoke with us in great detail and helped us understand various ways for us to determine whether or not we were making the right decision. This alone meant so much to us.

His expertise and compassion for animals made our experience feel more like a celebration of Cinderella's life as opposed to a devastating loss. He treated Cinderella like his own pet and it made her feel at ease. It's clear that he genuinely cares for the overall well being of animals and we're so grateful to have had him help us during such an emotional time for our family.

— Madalynne McCall

Jason is passionate and talented, all with a very soft soothing demeanor. Called me back within an hour and was incredibly communicative for the next day until we had our appointment. He, personally, took one of the hardest experiences and made it a beautiful memory for us. I can't recommend him enough.

Jason, thank you again for making Brian's death a meaningful and beautiful experience.

When my companion Meemer became very ill, I was completely grief stricken. I have always been cautious of all western medical doctors, animal and human alike. If there is a natural cure for something, I try it first before even stepping foot into a doctor's office.

I had spoken with three different vets regarding Meemer's failing kidney condition. I had tried everything to cure her from antibiotics to acupuncture and nothing seemed to help her improve. My husband and I knew that we may need to consider euthanasia, but I couldn't face that reality without doing some serious soul searching. Meemer had become almost completely incontinent, and she was temporarily living on our balcony while the weather was good and in the bathroom at night. We spent countless hours administering medicine and spending time with her outside. We were completely exhausted after many weeks of intense caregiving. I felt extremely guilty considering euthanasia. Who was I doing this for? Meemer or me? If I were a truly loving caregiver, shouldn't I be willing to sacrifice my home and let her ruin my carpet, my couch, and all things fabric that she would encounter? As I was frantically making pros and cons lists for Euthanasia vs. Natural Death, my husband called and got Dr. Jason Cordeiro on the phone. He put the line on speaker and in my most vulnerable moment, I spilled my heart to Jason regarding my ethical struggle on how to most compassionately care for my sick animal. I admitted that I wasn't sure I was speaking rationally since I was so grief stricken.

What I heard from the other end of the phone line was incredible. Dr. Cordeiro offered words of compassion, empathy, and intellectual understanding. Jason was able to help me not only understand from an educated medical perspective how Meemer was likely to be feeling at her stage of kidney failure; but more importantly, he helped me to identify the emotional issue that I was really stuck on. I can't even fully express how very much I was struggling in that phone call, but Jason was able to identify my crux and offer some suggestions to help me work through it. For weeks I had been wrestling with this decision, and in just one phone call, Jason offered me the support and clarity I needed to make a decision that I could live with.

Saying goodbye to Meemer was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. She was my companion, and I even felt she and I shared a spiritual connection. When Jason came to our home, I was crying before he even got in the door. He was so gentle, kind, and compassionate. He explained the process every step of the way. I truly don't know how he has the strength to offer this incredible gift to our community, but he was a blessing to us in our time of great need. We could not be more thankful to you, Jason. We hold you in the highest regard.

Aylyn Yalaz and Ryan Borowski, Boulder, CO

Winston's passing, and the gift you gave us, still seems like yesterday to me. I don't know if I could ever thank you enough for what you did for both Winston and me. Your loving, calm energy helped me to be brave, so I could focus on loving him through to the other side. Because of you, the saddest day in my life was also the most beautiful. I am filled with gratitude for the peaceful, loving transition you made a reality. I'll never forget that miraculous night! If 5 stars are the top recommendation, I give you 10 stars! Thank you, Jason. THANK YOU.

Hi Jason, thank you so much for sending these. Thank you also for the beautiful written words... means more than you will ever know. I don't know how you do what you do every day, but I do believe you were put on this earth to graciously take our fur babies/children to their resting place. You are a true saint, I believe in love for all things and I know in my heart that you have a genuine love for all animals and creatures... as do we. Words cannot express how eternally grateful we are for you, thank you.   
~ Lexee

Jason, thank you so much for the lovely, heartfelt card – it made me cry all over again, but that is just part of the grieving process. I have told countless people of our experience with you and know that it was time and that you came into our lives at the perfect moment to send our Lucky boy on his way. I promised Lucky many times that I would let him go with dignity and that he would have to let me know when he reached that point and I want to thank you for helping me keep that promise.

Dr. Cordeiro, thanks for letting us have this final opportunity to have one more goodbye for our Amanda "the Panda".
~ The Moore's, McAnns, Diaz and Daniel.

Jason, thank you so much for your help with my dear sweet Gracie girl. You made the extra effort to come to our house when we needed you (not before, not after), and as a result, we were, we think, able to have Gracie with us as long as she could lovingly be asked to stay. You are a very kind and gentle person; even Gracie could immediately see that. Although it is the most difficult thing we can do as pet owners (or guardians), I cannot imagine doing this any other way. It was through the referral of two of your past clients that we learned of you. We will be sure to mention you to others who are having their last days with their pets, so they too can make this best choice if they want. We will always be grateful to you.   ~ Kathy Byrne, Boulder

Dr. Cordeiro, you helped my little girl Ponette cross the rainbow bridge on January 15 of this year. I received your sympathy card a short time later.

I wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Ponette during her last hour. I don't know if you'll recall, but I elected to receive her ashes in a cookie tin. I thought I would immediately take her to the mountains and scatter her ashes but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it, at least not yet. You upgraded her to the beautiful wooden floral box. That was one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for us. I didn't realize that I might be unable to let her go so quickly, but you obviously did. Thank you so much for that. I have placed Ponette's remains on a shelf where I can see her while I cope with the idea of letting her go permanently. It's a little crazy, I know. But I just can't do it yet.

Thank you so much for everything you did. When we originally met, I know you weren't aware of your Yelp profile, but I added to it today. There are some really beautiful stories there.

Sincerely, Ronin

Jason, thank you so much for being there and your note regarding Cleatus. Letting him go was harder than imagined and I miss him and the pure heart and unconditional love he represented.

Jason, I wanted to send along my deepest gratitude to you for your kindness and demeanour in helping me say goodbye to my beloved pet, Chewy. Of the handful of people that were recommended to me by my regular vet, you stood out to me from the beginning. I found your website to be, by far, the best. It was very welcoming; your compassion and love of animals was easy to see. The information regarding your services was clear. I was in a very difficult position, as I knew that I wanted to utilize the option of in-home euthanasia, but I was afraid I would be unable to afford it. Through exchanging messages with some of the other recommended mobile vets, I quickly learned that finances were going to be an obstacle. When you returned my phone call, I happened to be available to pick up the phone. Rather than first addressing my financial question, you asked me about Chewy and what was going on with him, which I very much appreciated. Only then did you address the financial aspect and offered an option that no one else had. You were the only person that didn't just tell me no. It was workable and I was tremendously relieved.

You were in touch with me throughout the week, one of the worst of my life, keeping me in the loop with your schedule and vice-versa. The night before our appointment I composed a panic-stricken text to you, but didn't send it due to the very late hour. When I inadvertently sent it the next day, you responded quickly to see how you could help. Unfortunately, due to the scheduling circumstances on my end, Chewy passed before you were able to meet him. With him passing while I was stuck at work, the situation was completely devastating. My boyfriend, Brian, and I cried for hours while we said late goodbyes waiting for our appointment. I called my ex-husband and cried with him. We hadn't talked on the phone in over 2 years. He and Chewy were best friends.

It saddens me that you were unable to meet this magnificent Chewy; but, I'm so glad that you were able to help us part with him. I didn't want you to leave, not only because I didn't want you to take Chewy away, but also because you were so kind and caring. Chewy was the first pet that I lost and unfortunately, he won't be the last. In the future, you will be the first person that I call. Words cannot accurately describe my thankfulness.

Dr. Cordiero, you are a remarkable man. We could feel your spirituality guiding us through the difficult task of sending Dash to dog heaven. The park, which we had to ourselves, the geese overhead, the beautiful clear day set the stage for a soulful good-bye rather than the wrenching one we anticipated or would have had with anyone else or at a different location.

Craig and I experienced Dash's death the same way: as he took his last breaths the geese swooped down in formation and caught his essence, his soul and took him back to whatever or wherever the Source is. The image had a protective and loving feeling to it. We both felt like the geese were a miracle and I remember gasping at the time.

That an event which was so hard for us, could also be so beautiful, is a tremendous gift.

We miss Dash so much. He was just special. We are so grateful that he got to meet you and be guided by you through his passing. I know our paths will cross again. Thanks so much for being you.

Jason, just want to thank you again for your kind and gentle touch with Loki – we all felt it was the best possible way to see him off and say goodbye. You are clearly an animal lover through and through. We admire the pretty box that held his ashes, and you are right: he was too handsome a man to be put in a cookie tin. Thank you for the thoughtful addition.

Jason, I'm so thankful for your kindness and the keepsakes of paw print and photos.

I learned so much through Dixie – the challenges we faced together put me in touch with the inner strength that I didn't realize lay beneath my compassion. Those challenges also gave me purpose at times when I lacked that in my life. Through her, I discovered the CSU veterinary teaching hospital, the CRCG therapists and pool, and you. I feel fortunate to live in a time and place where the role of a dog in the lives of people is so valued and supported. My kind and loving dogs have brought kind and loving people into my life when I needed them most. If I had a religion, it would be Dog.

The world is a better place with you in it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jason, what a blessing you are! Mom can't stop talking about you. I have to tell you my husband was taken back by your compassion and kindness. You are a very special person and we greatly appreciate all you do.

Once again, thank you for the beautiful box you put Annie in. Mom could not believe someone would do something like that for her.

Jason, as you can imagine, it has been a period of transition for us. I want to thank you again. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly, but your help in making Burlington, as well as Scott and I, comfortable is a unique gift, and I'm glad we met.

Jason, we cannot thank you enough for being such a kind and compassionate person. You made Ruger's last morning very peaceful and your kind words of support helped us through a most difficult day.

Thank you for your genuine concern, your thoughtfulness and deep understanding of the heartbreaking time in our lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!
Sandy & Larry (Ruger: 12.27.14)

I am so grateful for One Last Gift. After all Rosie had done for me the least I could do was give her the dignified, comfortable, surrounded-by-love departure that she deserved. I cannot express how much this meant to me. The vet was her least favorite place, so to have her home was all I wanted. As hard as it was to say goodbye to her, she was ready. Her passing was so peaceful and I could not have asked for a better way for her to enter her new life filled with soft places to lay and popcorn to eat.

Dr. Cordeiro,

Thanks for letting us have this final opportunity to have one more goodbye for our Amanda "the Panda."

The Moore's, McAnns, Diaz and Daniel.

We both wanted to thank you for your very caring, professional approach to helping us say goodbye. Short of miraculously curing Bridget, you did everything we could have asked for, and truly helped us get through a very difficult experience.

Jason came into our lives at a very difficult, stressful, and vulnerable time for our family, and yet he immediately became part of our family. From his caring, generous, and humble spirit to his ability to calm the situation, it was truly a blessing and an honor to welcome Jason into our lives and into the last moments of Bear's life.

Even though Bear was incredibly sick, he not only greeted Jason with a wag of his tail, but also gave Jason the trust needed to allow him to do his job as if he was a long-time friend.

Jason was respectful of the saddened condition of the family. Jason listened to the family's stories of Bearsie with interest and empathy.

Looking back to the day... Jason made it somewhat more bearable. We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Having had the experience with 1 Last Gift, it is indeed a lasting gift for all of us!

Thank you Jason.
The Nelson's

Dr. Jason Cordeiro has literally been a Godsend and his company's name directly reflects the entirety of the beauty in transitioning beyond the furry body. As hard of a decision as it can be I have to elaborate that Dr. Cordeiro not only walks you through the process gracefully, but holds your tender heart with the utmost respect and empathy. His presence will guide you through this journey with a clearer understanding that you too are giving the gift of acceptance and that's the highest form of unconditional love one can offer.

Thank you for being part of my furry baby's angel entourage guiding her beyond the body and into the magnificent.

Much Love,
Vanessa & Steve Wishstar

Dear Jason –
From earliest recorded history, there have been tales of midwives and psychopomps whose sacred duty it was to alleviate and/or eliminate the pain and suffering associated with the passages between life and death. You, dear friend, belong to this hallowed tribe and Gary and I honor you for this. You not only offer a profound gift; you are also the gift itself. In modern times, when much has been forgotten and trivialized, it is important to acknowledge those who remember the call of the Ancestors. People like you, Jason. On behalf of all our 4 legged brothers and sisters, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We thank you on behalf of our precious little Mia whose passing was made easier due to your gift.

Thank you Jason. Know how grateful I am to you for your kindness and patience on Sunday, making it as peaceful as possible.

Kindest regards, Mollybeth

Dr. Jason – from the very onset of our initial conversations, until the evening you entered our home, it became so vividly clear that Kobi had brought us together. As you knelt down to greet him, he pulled himself up to kiss your face, a kiss that spoke volumes to me, "thank you my friend, for coming to guide me home." As I whispered in Kobi's ear how much I loved him, he began letting me know he was not afraid and it was okay to let him go. Words cannot began to thank you for the dignity and compassion you shared with us throughout the evening, including Kobi's furry siblings as they sat nearby. You possess a gift that few humans could ever ascertain in this world, and I will forever be grateful our paths had crossed. Until we meet again, thank you – –

Centennial, Colorado

Jason, when we had to make the decision to let our Stormy Smalls go you were there to help us through. It was such a difficult time for us and to have you walk into our home with such love and care for our sweet dog meant more than you will ever know.

She loved you instantly as she could see your huge, warm heart. You turned what was a horrible time for us into a time filled with love and a great last memory.

I was truly at peace with our decision once you came in and reassured us that we were doing what was best for her. Thank you for all that you did for us. You will forever be in our thoughts and hearts for the love and kindness you showed to Storm and to us. I will never be able to so THANK YOU enough!

Jason, I want to thank you again for your loving ways and support you gave us through one of the hardest times. Having you come into our home was the best and most comfortable way we could of said goodbye to our dear friend. I received the ashes by courier, but didn't have the strength to open the box until later. The wooden box was so beautiful!

Again Thank You – You are an Angel!
Sincerely, Ed and Alison Mitsch

Dr. Cordeiro, we will be forever grateful to you. You helped ease Sammy's pain and suffering and were so understanding and non-judgmental. It must be so difficult to do what you do, yet on the same hand so rewarding to know that you are helping people and their pets at such a difficult time. Thank you for your kind words in your sympathy card, and thank you for having him delivered in a beautiful wooden box.

Allen and Monica Koch

Jason, thank you for coming to our house on December 21 and helping Charlie and me administer that one last gift to Emma. Your compassion and desire to eliminate suffering at all costs are commendable.

I want to say how special and beautiful today was! Thank you so much for your kind words and gentle manner. It was an honor to have you in our home to show Hux that death could be peaceful. You are amazing! Thanks – Gray & Co.

Dr. Jason Cordeiro is one of the best vets, and the sweetest person I've ever met. Saying good-bye to our furry baby, Dexter, was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do and I was worried about how, and who, would do this. I called Dr. Cordeiro and noticed his gentle nature immediately over the phone line. He then proceeded to tell me everything that would happen to Dexter which calmed my nerves — and his scientific and emotional explanation was much needed. What I liked best is that he was able to tell us what to do with our other dog, Bean, and how we should proceed with her while we were saying good-bye to Dexter.

When the time came, our dog Dexter liked Dr. Cordeiro right away. He was kind and gentle to our boy and Dexter trusted him. Even our skittish dog Bean warmed up to him. The entire procedure was very loving, gentle and quick (because that's what we asked for). We got a paw print that we will cherish forever!

If you ever have to make this difficult decision, I highly recommend Dr. Jason Cordeiro... I wouldn't go to anyone else! He was the perfect person to be at our dogs — and our — side when it was time to let go.

Andrea Palten & Brian Campbell

Hi Jason, thank you so much for the lovely card, but mostly for the wonderful service you provide and the way you handle what could otherwise be an awful experience. Instead, it was peaceful and comforting – for all involved. You have a special gift and I am so thrilled for you that you found your calling. Few people in this life are able to get up every day and do what they love and what they are meant to do.

We have all done pretty well adjusting to life without our "old man" in our midst and while I do miss him, I am glad for him that he is no longer suffering. Take care and keep up the good work!

Jason, I wanted to thank you for being such a loving presence for Kelsea and our family in her last moments. We have all missed her very much. Thanks so much, Alex

I just want to express my appreciation to you, again. You were so gentle and kind with Willard, and with us. I really appreciate the time that you took to patiently explain the euthanization procedure. I also really appreciate the fact that you did not rush this procedure at all, and that you allowed both of us the time that we needed to say our goodbyes to Willard. You are truly gifted in your chosen life's work, and your spirit exudes a positive radiance that immediately sets people, and pets, at ease. Your presence made Willard's passing far more tolerable and comfortable for us than it would have been otherwise.

Jason, Larry and I just wanted to thank you again. Your kind soul, experience and understanding helped make the passing of our big baby more peaceful than we expected.

God bless you! And Take Care,
Larry & Orlando

Jason came to our home and was so professional, kind and compassionate helping my family lay to rest our Corgis, Joey and Phoebe. Jason was the calm voice we so desperately needed as he guided us with such care. Each step of the way Jason let us know what was about to happen, and as emotions exploded he remained the calm center of our last journey with our beloved dogs. Jason never appeared rushed or concerned about the time we needed to say our good-byes and that was such a blessing for us. While I would never wish the passing of anyone's four legged loved ones, since we all face the day... Jason would be the person I call.

Friday, September 20th 2013, was a day I was dreading... sweet Ginger's day had come and I was still struggling with the decision.

I had spoken to Jason on the phone earlier in the week and knew instantly that he was the right choice for Ginger, but still I had doubts. Then Jason quietly appeared at the back gate and within the next 2 hours he gave me the strength, peace, reassurance, and laughter I needed so I could be there for Ginger. To say that this man has a gift is an understatement. He truly is a spiritual guide and friend when you need it most.

Ginger was outside on a beautiful summer/fall day under the rose trellis with Godiva chocolate in her belly when she went. Her wolverine nails ready to protect herself in the next place she arrived. I held her head and said be free, and as she passed I knew because a sense of relief and calm entered me. Jason created this environment for both Ginger, myself, and Jocelyn to let go with love. He is a gift and I will always cherish this special time we had as we celebrated my sweet Ginger and honored her together. Thank you Jason.

Thank you for doing what you do, who you are, and for your servants heart.

You are a special gift, have a special gift, and ARE a gift to anyone in this situation where we need to give that #1lastgift!!!!! I am so happy I found you.

My heart thanks you with the kindest regards,
Susan, Ace's Mommy

Hello Jason. Toto was an amazing dog and a huge part of my life. Making the decision to let her go was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I miss her terribly and think about her every minute of every day. Your compassion and patience was amazing during mine and Toto's time of need.

Again, thank you Jason for having a kind heart that is full of love and compassion for the animals that so deeply touch our hearts.

Dearest Jason, from the minute you walked into our house, until now with Zodiac's ashes being hand delivered by PCS to our home in a beautiful wooden box, has been such an amazing experience for our family!

We are so grateful and blessed to have met you, and for your assistance in putting Zodiac to rest. We know that he is now at Peace and no longer suffering.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness. You have made such a horrible moment in our lives into a very precious moment!!!

Forever Grateful,
Mary, Chuck, DJ. and Rocky Geocaris

Jason, what an amazing human you are. You have chosen the most difficult job. You have chosen to enter people's lives, whom you do not know, when they are grieving most and are experiencing such excruciating loss. You do this with a gentleness, love and kindness that most people do not possess. Even though I have met you only one time, I have thought about what a wonderful person you are and what an amazing gift that you give to people who are going through the process of losing their best friends.

I had always feared the day when I would lose my sweet, loyal girl, Aspen. And the past few weeks since her loss, it has even been more painful than I had ever anticipated. But one shining light that I have is the memory of holding Aspen's head in my lap as she passed away and knowing that she was without pain or fear as the angels took her to her next journey. And I have you to thank for making my last moments with her full of love and peace.

Thank you for the person that you are and for the service that you provide to so many people. You are a unique and special person!

Best, Kerri & Aspen
Sweet, loving Newfy passed away July 23, 2013

Thank you again for your couch-side manner and making the most difficult decision I've ever had to make somewhat bearable. I would have never forgiven myself if his condition worsened and turned into a trauma scene. Holding him, hearing him snore and his comfortable realm of sleep was our last gift to each other. He deserved that.

Even though we've only met once, you will forever be a friend for making my best friends' passing peaceful. I hope you know how good you are at end of life care. Keep doing what you do. You're making a difference in a lot of lives!

Thank you again for your valuable insight and time. Your services were precious and priceless to our family and our sweet boy. Just thinking and thinking of sweet Scout, trying to get thru this day without him. We miss him so much. I keep thinking of watching you driving away with my heart in your car. :(  And Blue seems to be waiting for your return. You have a familiar, easy presence and you were so careful with us... thank you.

Your kindness to our family will always be in my heart. So many emotions today, and one of them is an extraordinary appreciation for you.

With so much appreciation,

Jason, thank you for your support when my beloved dog Gus passed away. You allowed him to go in peace and at home, and I couldn't thank you enough for your consideration and thoughtfulness in the whole process. I can't imagine how difficult your job is, but I am so thankful that you do what you do in order to allow dog parents like me be with their dogs at home when they pass away.

Dr. Cordeiro went out of his way to be with our dog when we felt the time was right. When he arrived he was compassionate and caring, but comfortingly business-like. At what is a very emotional time, Dr. Cordeiro helped us through the process efficiently and respectfully, taking care of all the details. We feel that Jason sees his work as a calling and each animal he helps as an act of kindness.

I have never had to put a pet to sleep before, and the thought of driving my already sick friend to a Vets office to die in an unfamiliar place made me sick to my stomach. We are expecting our first child and have been hit with an enormous amount of unexpected medical bills with this pregnancy, and the added worry for my Kitty Cat was making this first time Mom a real "basket case". It was a true miracle that I stumbled on Dr. Jason Cordeiro's website. I called hoping his fees were reasonable, but doubting with my current troubles I could swing it. His genuine caring spirit was clear the second his voice came through the phone. He took the time to listen and even explain some of the experience my Gussy was having. Jason was calm, reassuring and in an odd way felt like a long lost friend. He arrived the next day with a gentle knock on the door, and as I welcomed him into my home that same concern and authenticity he had over the phone washed over our space. The gift he gave me, to hold my little friend and comfort him in his last moments with us is priceless to me. I will forever be in debt to him for the caring and peace he brought to Gussy and our family that day.

Thank You Jason! Words do not seem to do justice to the experience you gave us, and for that we will always be grateful.

Hi, Jason. Just wanted to let you know that we received your thoughtful card and truly appreciated the caring words you spoke about Dakota. I cannot express enough how thankful we are for your services. I knew you were the right person for the job after my first call with you. I was amazed at how long you were willing to stay on the phone with me to answer my questions, and how concerned you were about Dakota's health and condition, as well as how informative you were about her specific condition and finally, how grounding you were to me. In addition to that call, I'm not sure how many times I spoke to you on the phone or texted with you (even while you were out of town on vacation) over the next few weeks until the "day" arrived, but you were ALWAYS sympathetic, caring, and as I mentioned, grounding in helping me make a difficult decision yet, the right decision.

I feel so blessed that Dakota was able to tell me when she was "ready", and even more blessed that you were there to help her transition in the most peaceful way! She knew who you were... as I had been telling her about you... and she showed you that as she greeted you with love and understanding. She was such a sweet sweet girl and you helped make it possible for me to remember those last moments with her as painless, peaceful, and beautiful.

You have a gift. Thank you for that! The quote below says it all...

"A dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be."

Terri, Drew, (and Dakota, who passed from this world to her next world on May 13, 2013)

One of the greatest gifts to Liza, Zydeco, and me on Saturday was Jason Cordeiro. Dr. Cordeiro (1 Last Gift) is the vet who came to our house to help Liza make her transition. Our regular vet was out of town, so she couldn't come. Liza instantly loved Jason as did Zydie and I, and we deeply understood that he was there to support each one of us at this difficult time. Some people are truly gifted at what they do, and he is one of them. His love for animals, his compassion, his ability to empathize, his expertise at helping people and animals in a time of grief... I can't begin to say how fortunate we were to have him with us. Thank you Jason. Liza is smiling down on you, and all three of us are grateful.


Our Maybee's time with us was drawing to a close. We had hoped that even though she was an adopted senior, we would have more time with her. Your comforting voice, and true compassion helped ease the pain of that day. Your advice on letting her cat friends living in the house to be involved was truly amazing. We miss her so much, not sure when the pain will subside and turn to just sweet memories. But you were a blessing to her on that day.

Ted & Kathy Fritsch

When our precious pets ask us to let them go, when they are ready, even though we are not, you are there for us all.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion and gentleness. You are forever in our hearts!

Dr. Jason,

MaryJo and I want to say thank you so much for making our Tunafish's last moments peaceful. You are a gosend and you have definitely found your calling. Your support and services are priceless. Your care, warmth, and empathy were there from the first moments we spoke on the phone to your arrival (and departure) at our home. We are comforted to know Tunafish passed away at home surrounded by family who loved her dearly. You made a very painful and difficult time for us a little bit less painful with your care and professionalism.

God Bless You and Thank You for Everything
James & MaryJo

Dr. Jason Cordeiro,

You are an extraordinary person providing an extraordinary service. It takes a special person to do what you do, and to do it with as much compassion as you is commendable. I tell all my friends and family about you and our experience. Thank you for making this hard time for me, easy for my girls. It truly was, one last gift.

Brian and Laurie

Thank you Dr. Jason Cordeiro for assisting Romo to pass peacefully after a very long pain-filled day. You were so compassionate and caring – even though you were only there less than two minutes before you helped Romo as he struggled to breathe; you made a very difficult time a little easier. Romo was at home, with those who loved him and I was able to hold him as he peacefully slipped away. You are a wonderful and caring human being.

— Jill Withers

Dr. Cordeiro, I finally was able to write the below without breaking into tears, but you truly are a special person, and I can't thank you enough for being here for Makki, Jakku and me. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I love all animals, and all animals need the kindness, compassion, and expertise that you exhibited on the 30th.

Dr. Jason, you truly are a God-send and a gift to all people and their beloved pets. December 30th was one of the most difficult times in my life. My magnificent and gentle giant, Makki, meant the world to me and his littermate, Jakku. Dr. Christie holds you in the highest of high regard, and I can't thank her enough for recommending you to help me with the very painful process of saying "goodbye" to Makki. I was surprised and grateful for your return call within the hour; it was a Sunday and the holidays. Every moment that morning was excruciating and surreal, so it was much appreciated when you arrived at exactly the time you stated, with quiet confidence, grace, and with the sincere understanding and compassion of an Angel.

Makki, affectionate and loving as he was, usually walked away from unfamiliar people. He walked toward you after his sedation shot. He trusted you. Jakku, usually skittish with people, stayed a few feet away from you the entire time. He trusted you. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful paw print treasure with Makki's name on it, the beautiful carved box you picked out, and for the beautiful and thoughtful card and tribute to Makki. I will forever be grateful to you for making Makki's last and precious moments peaceful and unafraid, as you did our last moments with him. Yes, you were truly our 'one last gift' and I have told everyone I know about you.

Thanks again, Dr. Jason
Julianne and Jakku

Dearest Jason, I have tried to collect my thoughts in the past month regarding our beloved Jagger... waiting until the pain eased somewhat. Jagger meant the world to us and he was part of our family for almost 14 years. My heart is still hurting even as I write this now, almost a month and a half later.

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and your genuine beautiful spirit in giving our dog a gentle way out. It seems like dogs give us their unconditional, undying love everyday... it's a constant we can count on and should never take for granted.

Giving Jagger up was one of the hardest decisions to make, however after meeting with you; seeing your compassion and gentle spirit so well received from Jagger, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Bless you for all that you do Jason, I will be forever grateful.    — Karen

It is predictably difficult to reach the threshold of knowing that your beloved dog must be released from its earthly chains. It is made more difficult when one must contact a stranger to do so in your home. THAT second step will no longer be a dilemma after finding Dr. Jason Cordeiro. The instant I heard his compassionate voice on the phone and answered his loving concerns about our dog, I KNEW he was the answer to our prayers. Upon his arrival, our exhausted and dying dog went over to him wagging his tail and for the first time ever with a stranger, nestled his head into Dr. Cordeiro's chest and heart. Our 12-1/2 year old dog confirmed my intuition. Dr. Cordeiro's quiet soul enveloped the environment with a sanctuary of loving safety and peace for our dog, and for we stricken human beings. We are thankful for his blessed gifts.

You released Rumpus, our beloved dog, from this earth with such compassion and love. We as a family cannot thank you enough for your services and for your gifts in what you do for the animals on this earth.

Dr. Cordeiro, thank you again! You are an angel.

Jason, I want to send my biggest THANK YOU for your genuine care and comfort during one of the toughest times for me and my kitty, Ripley. He saw me through many, many difficult times and I feel with your help I was able to see him through his. I am so glad that I happened to see your card at Alameda East. I was dreading the thought of having to take my baby there, never to bring him home again. You have definitely found your calling and I applaud you for having the courage to go forward with it. I tell anyone who asks about you and they are so surprised, but very glad, to hear of what you do. All the best wishes to you!

Jason, I just want to reiterate my deep thanks to you for the outstanding service and support you gave to Sandra-Leigh and me through one of the most trying of times. You are a truly gentle soul; your warmth, empathy and deep care was there from the moment you drove up to the moment you drove away. Sandra-Leigh and I are deeply grateful to you. I want to also say that if I can be of help by way of a reference whether by phone or letter, please don't hesitate to ask me.

It's been a few months, but I've been meaning to thank you so much for your kind and gentle approach in helping our beloved Jaguar to make his exit to the next life. You were very sweet to him, me and my little Sam! Both Sam and Jaguar could see that you were a good person. It's not often that Sam would exclaim "I love you!" so you are a very special person. I could see that you have a psychic connection to animals as well. Thanks for your patience, letting me take my time and for placing my sweet kitty on a pretty, comfy bed in your car to take him away. His little paw print keepsake that you made is something I look at lovingly all the time. Thanks also for the nice card you sent to us.

If I can ever be a reference, I would be pleased to endorse you highly! Feel free to have anyone who is thinking about working with you call me if they would like to talk to someone.

Karla & Sam

Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt note. Todd and I appreciate your help in making a difficult and heartbreaking decision so much easier for us, and for our sweet Addie. Your tender care that evening helped ease the ache for all of us. Thank you.

Many thanks to Jason Cordeiro for the help he gave to Indigo, my lively old standard poodle, and me when we needed it. Indigo stopped eating on a Wednesday, diagnostic testing on Friday morning indicated kidney problems — but the treatment that should have helped challenged kidneys didn't have any effect, and I was left over the weekend with a fourteen year old poodle that refused all food, had lost 25% of her body mass, and was clearly getting worse, not better. I knew beyond doubt that I did not want Indigo's last moments to be in some scary clinic, but I was blindsided by her abrupt decline.

I left a message for Jason on Saturday, thinking I would not hear from him until Monday, and of course, hoping that by then I wouldn't need to! Not only did Jason return my phone call that SATURDAY NIGHT, but he did so from a remote Native American community where he was busy spaying and neutering NINETY dogs. He then stayed in touch with me the remainder of the weekend, suggesting different foods that might appeal (none did), and helping me sort out the best thing to do for Indigo. It was very clear to me that Indigo's welfare was his top priority, and that he was willing to spend all the time needed, while in the middle of so much other work, to help me understand how best to help her. When he came to the house, he was sensitive to my grief and provided compassionate care in an understated, expert way, without any hurry or undue drama. It was a peaceful ending, and while I was sad to lose Indigo, there is comfort in knowing that she breathed her last at home, in her favorite spot, surrounded by love.

In short, from the moment I contacted him, Jason was totally focussed on how to do the best thing for Indigo in a way that supported and respected humans and poodles alike. I believe that Jason is not just doing a job, he is following a calling — and dogs and their people are better for it. What a blessing!


Got your card, what heartfelt words, it made me cry. You are such a sweetheart, and we are very glad our vet recommended you to us, you made the transition for us and Zeus that much easier; you are blessed with such wisdom, compassion and sensitivity for our 4-legged friends (and us humans too!) that truly is a gift that we could feel to the core in the short time we got to know you. It was just a moment in our life, but a very special time you shared with us with such wonderful empathy and caring that we will never forget that moment remembered with positive and loving energy; that is so important! And we thank you for that.

John, Nancy and Zeus

I first want to thank you for taking the time to send the card with kind words of comfort and condolences. I also want to thank you for coming out on a cold February night after you had been snowboarding all day, not to mention driving one hour each way to my home.

The past five months have been really rough. I recevied cards, gifts and meals in the weeks that followed, all for my Scooter. So many friends and family absolutely loved that dog! I will always remember your kind words and gentle spirit the night you came to help us let Scooter go. I am forever grateful for you and for all you did for us during Scooter's passing.

Jason, you are such a gift to this world! Your open heart and genuine compassion were immediately evident over the phone and I knew you were the right one to help. Always having been afraid of the vet, I just could not bring myself to take her there for those last precious moments. After almost 15 years of unconditional love and friendship, I wanted her to leave this life feeling LOVED and in the most comfortable, peaceful and dignifying way that I could. You made that possible. You took the time to get to know her...gave her the time and space to make her last "perimeter check"...acknowledged her for the magnificent service she gave...let her tell you when she was ready and helped me honor her life through a peaceful death. You gave me all that...and so much more. You have given me a "peace" surrounding her passing that will stay with me forever. No doubts, no regrets. What a gift! To keep ones heart open in the midst of such emotion is rare...and your willingness to do so...repeatedly...in spite of personal pain, is so touching that I am literally brought to tears when I think of how it must affect you, yet you do it anyway. I am so honored to know you Jason! Hera, Sequoia and I (and all those that love us) are forever grateful.

Namaste, Katherine

Dear Dr. Jason,

Now that we are on more stable emotional ground after the May 25 passing of the beloved Tudder Edelman, me and Ashleigh wanted to try and express our gratitude for all the love, care and professionalism your brought into our world at such a difficult time. Your presence gave us all strength and peace during those final hours. Especially, and most importantly, to Tudder.

Ashleigh and I both hope to be so lucky as to have such a compassionate and knowledgeable guide with us when our respective journeys here are done.

We will forever hold you in our prayers, Dr. Jason!

With Love and respect,
Mike and Ashleigh

Jason, you have a special gift and words cannot tell you how much we appreciated having you to help us through this difficult time. Walking this difficult road is part of loving a dog, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We have told our vet how fantastic your services were and do so at every opportunity. We are also singing your praises to all our family and friends.

Thank you again...you have no idea how much your kindness and compassion helped all of us that night.


Dear Jason, just a quick note to thank you for your warmth, compassion, and bravery as you helped us to carry our sweet Goldie over the threshold of this life. As agonizing as this is for my family, you helped us to honor her amazing, loving, playful, sweet spirit with dignity and love...and she went out on a high note. Can't ask for more than that.

With love and appreciation and hope that you nurture your own playful spirit in the midst of so much sorrow you experience.

Gayle Lanier and the rest of my family

Dr. Cordeiro, thank you for your genuine care and kindness in making Dana's last moments peaceful for her. It meant a lot that she was able to be at home and in her own favorite space. You helped ease her and made her more comfortable. I appreciate your sincere care and thoughtfulness.

The card you sent was very caring and comforting to me. Your words are so appreciated and helped with putting my mind at ease.

I miss my Great Dana so much, but with your help, I know she is at peace and no longer suffering.

Thank you!

Jason, just want to say thank you for making something so difficult and hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life, a little easier. Titan's passing was so peaceful and graceful, like the dog he was. He was such a wonderful family member, my furry son and such a gentleman.

Thank you again for being so wonderful and the peaceful passing of Titan.

With Much Appreciation,
Karin, Alex and Julie

Hi Dr. Jason, we wanted to thank you so much for coming to our house last Saturday. You were the perfect Vet for the service we required. Thank God for those like you. It allowed our beautiful Leo to be laid to rest in the very least stressful way, he deserved that. He was the most intelligent, mellow, easy going cat. Wasn't afraid of ANYTHING, except a car ride to the Vet. I visited your web page, will be writing a "eulogy" for Leo and including a picture. And I will give you a copy of that picture we have on our refrigerator. God bless.

Toni and Ron Barnes

I can't describe, words seem so inadequate, how grateful and wonderful you were in helping us through this process. Taking the time to get to know Becca and Poppy really helped me know that you were the right person to help us...and it was the right time. I really can't thank you enough, and I have told everyone that knew Becca how wonderful you are, and that having you come to our house was, far and away, the best decision we could have made. You helped deliver our last gift to Becca by letting us surround her with her family, in her house, and having your caring hands deliver her from her suffering. Thank you, you were a godsend.

Nina Million

Our regular Veternarian suggested we call Dr. Cordiero when our cat, Danger Grrl, was declining in health in her eighteenth year of life. Jason came to our house and spoke in his soft, kind voice to us and to Danger Grrl. He petted our cat and made sure we were as ready as possible before helping our beloved kitty go from this life to the next. I held her in my arms as Jason used the kindest care so that she could die in dignity and peace. We cannot thank you enough, Dr. Cordiero, for your wonderful, caring work. The paw print is in our living room window, a sweet reminder of a wonderful cat.

Dixie & Peter Johnson

Dear Jason,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping make the most difficult decision we have had to make a lot easier and for making her passing so peaceful. Although we have struggled during this past week with relearning how to live our lives without her, I know that we did everything we could, with your help, to have her leave this earth feeling as loved as she was the day she came into our lives. And how happy, yet sad, I was to come home this evening and find that she was home again and in such a beautiful Urn. God Bless you for being you, doing what you do, with the understanding, compassion and love you show to the grieving owners.

Again, God Bless You and Thank You for being there for us. We will be calling on you again when it is Sydney's time to join Sierra.

Sincerely, Jennifer Stradley (Sierra's mom)

You came to our home and brought peace to Hayduke and comfort to Abbey (his sister and best buddy), Doug and me. It was a heart-wrenching decision to "let go" of Hayduke, our furry little friend of 17 1/2 years. But you reassured us it was the right decision and proceeded to allow us to say our final goodbyes and watch him "leave" with dignified serenity. Even though I was understandably distraught during this difficult time, I was still able to thoroughly appreciate and admire the skill, compassion, and tenderness that you exhibited during the time (nearly 1 hour!) that you spent with us.

The follow-up sympathy card that you sent to us was an added, unexpected bonus. What a lovely message and tribute to our little friend, Hayduke. It was kind of you to take the time to research Hayduke's "origins" and weave them into the message. We still miss him terribly, but feel so fortunate to have met you and have had you to be the one to administer "1 last gift" for our sweet little Hayduke!

With much appreciation and fond regards,
Pat, Doug and Abbey

Hi Jason, thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so much. That was the hardest decision we have both ever had to come to terms with. Everyday gets a little better, but she is missed so much. We were so glad she died peacefully on her favorite spot in the house with both of us there to comfort her.

Thank you Jason.
Melissa and Anthony

Thank you again for the peaceful passing of Stormy.

It is always difficult to make the decision to end your dog's life due to illness or old age. My husband and I are so grateful for your kindness and sensitivity during this time. Stormy's passing was peaceful. You are a blessing to anyone who must make that final decision.

Thank you so much for helping us yesterday. The experience was very gentle and beautiful. I appreciate all that you did and your loving spirit.

I sent a story to my friends about Beauty's passing. Thank you for being a part of it. Of all of the vets I have met, I would want no one other than you to sit lotus style on her bed and set her free! Thank you for your honest, kind and relevant words. You were a comfort to us both. In spite of my broken heart, I am relieved that she is no longer suffering.

Jason, thank you for helping us give Little Ellie a loving and peaceful passing. We miss her dearly.

Thank you and take care,
Hilde and Family

Dr. Jason, you are truly a kind and gentle person. This Thanksgiving you are high on my list of people I'm thankful are in my life. Thank you so much for the service you provide and for being you.

Maxine Reckseen, for all the Reckseen family

Words to express my gratitude to you simply fail, and I am, over and over again touched by your tenderness and strength. So no words, but my great thanks.

All Blessings, Light and Love...
Annie Morrissey

Dear Jason, how can we even begin to thank you enough? It's hard to believe that 2 weeks ago today you were at our house, helping us let Mason go. The compassion and support that you showed us during that extremely emotional time was incredible. And to have spent that time with us on your birthday!

You are a kind and wonderful person — and you understand the love that bonds people with their animal friends. Thank you so much for helping our beloved Mason find peace. His spirit is running free and happy! :) We will love him and remember him forever. And we will always be grateful to you for your amazing kindness.

Sincerely, Tamara (Killian), Chris & Jack

Your energy and calm and courageous presence helped me stay present and focused for Sammy when she needed it most. I miss her terribly, but couldn't feel more honored or fortunate that I was able to hold her in my arms as she died. I really think every pet owner should use a service like yours. Thanks again.


Thank you again Jason, for making today so much easier on Joe and me. I take great comfort in knowing that Opal went so peacefully. You have a very special gift. I'm so glad that I found you! You have no idea how grateful I am that Opal's passing was so peaceful.

Thank you so much for everything. Your kindness meant a lot to us.


Jason, thank you so much for being so kind during a very weak time for me. I still keep second guessing myself, thinking I should have given him one more day. I know though he is playing and squeaking his favorite squeaky toy. The card was very nice, thank you and, yes I did get Ruperts swatch of hair. Again, thank you so much.


Jason, just wanted to thank you again for your incredibly compassionate assistance with Tonka tonight. You made an extraordinarily difficult decision and experience, extremely manageable, and we will never be able to thank you adequately for that. We will miss Tonka forever, and will have positive thoughts about tonight for just as long. Thank you.

Sincerely, the Dolans

Thank you Jason for the beautiful card ! This whole experience was so much easier with your guidance. Our family felt very blessed that we met you when we did. I hope you really understand how much comfort you bring to families you meet. I am sure it must be a very heavy burden for you at times, but you really need to know how thankful we are for you. Because of you, I have no feelings of guilt or regret and it was so comforting having Crash here with all of us in one of her favorite places. She felt so comfortable in your loving presence and she was so ready to say goodbye...of course we still miss her terribly.

All the best.

Kind Regards, Laura Amidon

Hi Jason, thanks once again for your compassion and gentle love as you helped my beautiful Zuko to find peace. Thank you also for the thoughtful card – I cry whenever I pick it up, because you so beautifully described your own feelings. Your thoughts about his all-too-brief time with us make me feel sad but proud that I was able to have the courage to think of his needs above my own selfish desire to keep him here.

Thanks you so much for allowing me to post a memorial to my wonderful little buddy on your website.

You are a saint.

Love and best wishes, Stella

"Hello Jason — I'm sorry we had to meet under such sad circumstances, but thank you again for coming out and taking care of the girls.

Good luck with your business, you offer a rare bedside manner for an issue which causes people much distress. I could not imagine our regular vet clinic ever coming anywhere close to having the ability of being so kind and gentle.

Best wishes Jason, Jo and Jim

"Hi Jason — can hardly believe it has been a month since our big Harley dog died, but this is a very long-overdue thank you for your kindness, caring, professionalism, and willingness to come on such short notice. We, including Gus, have been so lonely and sad without him, but we have told ourselves that we are so mad that he was sick, but grateful that we could end any suffering for him. Thanks again Jason and thank you for your heartfelt card. We truly appreciated it."

— Jenn

"May you continue to bring peace to others who have to walk this difficult road; you have a special gift and you use it so wisely and tenderly."

Many blessings — Sharon, Josh, Sante', and Vivienne, and our four legged family members, Axel and Roxy

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for your heartfelt and compassionate participation in Kini's transition. You are a gift to the world — of both people and critters."

With Love and Gratitude,
Gaela and Jim

"It is very obvious that you care deeply for animals because of the way you cared for our special guy. You were so respectful of our Toby, our family, our house and this very difficult experience. We can't thank you enough for your loving nature, caring way and compassion."   —   Warmly, Brad

"Thank you Jason. Thank you Nikita."
"Thank you again for a most remarkable and humbling experience with Nikita."

Ray Wright & Family

"On Friday, May 27, 2011, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Siberian Husky Nikita. 14 years of the good life had finally caught up with her. Through our pain we were able to find Dr. Jason Cordeiro who is part of a team of dedicated, licensed professionals who offer euthanasia services at your home. We dearly loved Nikita, and her passing was traumatic for us, but the experience we had with Nikita that night was remarkable. The Strength, Dignity, Love and Respect that she showed us all that evening was incredible, and the Courage she showed as she lay down by us for the final time was humbling and inspiring. Nikita welcomed Jason with love and kisses, as though she knew why he was there. His manner with her was touching. Jason is wise beyond his years and his compassion for our pets is endless. His strength and professionalism were greatly appreciated during this difficult time."

"The only thing that gave us enough strength to say goodbye to our little girl was having Dr. Cordeiro there. He has a loving and compassionate heart and is truly gifted with both people and animals. At a time when you feel frightened, shattered, heartbroken, vulnerable and absolutely panicked about what is about to happen, Dr. Cordeiro came into our home and provided the strength, caring, compassion, professionalism, expertise, patience, sensitivity, support and peace that we needed. He truly is a guardian angel who looked out over us, and who looked over our precious little girl during her peaceful passing and final transport. There is no way we could have gotten through that day without him. The value of his caring and compassionate service is immeasurable."

"The euthanasia of a four-legged family member is a private, personal and emotional experience like no other. In times like these, we all need friends and family by our side. Although Dr. Jason Cordeiro was neither when he entered my home that sad day in April, he was both when he left. His thoughtful presence and counsel during the transition of my beloved Great Pyrenees, Maxx, was truly a god-send. He was patient, kind and understanding. I cannot thank him enough for his loving bedside manner and his kind, compassionate heart. Dr. Cordeiro was like a long time friend, helping me through a painful and frightening process and I will forever be in his debt. It is with gratitude that I highly recommend Dr. Cordeiro to those considering this option for their ill or aging fur-kid. He is an angel."   —   Marcia Siemsen

"Thank you so much for your services on Sunday with Rosie and all our family members (both human and furry). You helped reassure us that we made the right decision, and you handled the euthanasia with such compassion, sensitivity and care. Not only were you sensitive to all the animals (our big clan), but to all of us. We all felt very comfortable with you and the way you handled everything. (as Jenni left – she said, "what a beautiful service"). You really have a gift — not only with the animals, but with people as well. You were sensitive, caring and seemed to know when to step in and when to step back. A feat not easy when dealing with people that are emotional and grieving."   —   Jodi Schulz

"Words cannot express how grateful I am that my beloved Buddy's passing was so peaceful and calm. My heart is broken, but your caring made the experience bearable. Thank you so much for your patience and compassion tonight when you helped Lee and I say goodbye. I am eternally thankful for you and the service you offer."   —   Laura Delp

"I am so glad we found you to help us through this time of sending Harli to a peaceful place. Thank you so much for the thoughtful card. It was wonderful and great to meet you. There is a presence of peace about you and it is truely your calling. Thank you over and over again."   —   Marie Yokota


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