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In Loving Memory

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I suppose I have been writing this eulogy for some time now. I wanted to write it down before it became an afterthought, as eulogies often are. This is not a reflection on her death, but a tribute to her life.

India hasn't been an easy charge. Too smart, too ballsy and too attached to me to be well received by other dogs. I knew this from day one. I watched her tiny and determined little face at seven weeks old, as she methodically sat on every single head of the puppies sharing her paddock — including soon-to-be Meaghan's dear Ezra. Clearly a Napoleon, a challenge from the start. I had no choice though; it hadn't been mine to make. She simply walked right to my side, padded after me to the car while I got my wallet and back to the office where she sat at my feet, intense eyes locked on mine.

I have never thought of India as my child, or I her mother. Our relationship is more of a tie to each other. She has always been a sort of extension of my own self, my shadow spirit, my talisman, my daemon. I am her guardian and she mine. And the time has come for me to fulfill the worst of duties that role entails. I know the suffering she would endure if I were to disappear and I would rather bear that, because I could not bear her life ending with suffering. So after over seventeen years together... I must be the one to let her go.

I found Jason (Dr. Cordeiro) by chance, kismet I realized after meeting him. Gentle isn't a big enough word to describe his presence. His reverence and honor for the lives of the animals he encounters envelops him. I couldn't have asked for a better soul to help us with this goodbye.

He will be coming to the house tomorrow, Sunday at 3:00 pm. He will give India a shot to calm her and prevent any awareness of the second shot, which will carry her gently to sleep. Forever.

We took India to the lake yesterday, and the fierceness of her spirit shone — one last time. She ran along the water's edge, through the grass, and on the way home, she gave me a little kiss — something she hasn't done for some time. Her exit today was so very peaceful — in my arms in the grass, a sweet breeze to carry her spirit to the best heaven I could imagine for her.

Many years ago my friend Bruce gave me a replica of an Indian throwing axe. The engraving has always reminded me of India. This will be her gravestone and I wear it as a tribute to my friend, my teacher, my companion. My Indies.

Goodbye my good geerls. You will always occupy a most sacred place in my heart.


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