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In Loving Memory

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Tribute to Maxx
(Maximillian Napolean Bonaparte)

November 6, 2005 – March 4, 2014

Maxx was a Rescue Westie. He was 6 months of age when he joined our family. We believe he was acquired by his first owner from a pet store in Missouri. He was given up by his owner to Westie Rescue of Colorado because the owner was not able to get Maxx to become properly house trained. Maxx joined Lois and Steve after 2 weeks with his foster home. He was completely house trained.

Maxx had a large black nose, large ears, a long tail with a short crook near the base, and the telltale light beige streak down his back. His eyes were large and dark brown, almost black. They shined like diamonds.

All the young children in our neighborhood became his friends. Sometimes a bunch of them would meet in the park and form a circle with Maxx in the middle. He loved being the center of attention.

Maxx made the most of every waking moment of this life. His ball was with him from early morning until bedtime. He had several games with the ball when he was by himself. His greatest joy was when anyone would play ball with him. Anyone coming to our house would be greeted by Maxx and his ball. When the door opened he would drop the ball on the porch where it would roll to the sidewalk. He expected everyone to bring the ball back to continue play.

Although Maxx was not a licensed service dog, Lois would take him to the Lowry Park long term care facility. Maxx chased and returned the ball to "the sender" entertaining everyone. We received a condolence card signed by 15 of the people who knew Maxx and appreciated his ball play.

Whenever Lois and I went on vacation or travel, Maxx would go to his foster parents home and stay with his close friends Duncan, Jesse and Gizmo, plus Gail and Marty's cats. It was Maxx's special camp so we never had to have Maxx stay in a kennel.

Maxx was in Steve's arms and on his chest when Jason gave Maxx his final injections. Maxx licked Lois' and Steve's noses as his last gesture of affection. He was thanking us for not allowing him to suffer.

Maxx became part of us and we miss him dearly.

Lois and Steve Nadler
March 29, 2014

Tribute to Maximillian (Maxx), 2005 – 2014: by Gail and Marty Tinienow
(Maxx's foster parents and with whom we have become close friends)

Age: 8 1/2 years old

Maxx was our first foster dog for Westie Rescue Network. He came to us in the late spring of 2006 and after a few weeks, he was adopted by a most wonderful couple, Steve and Lois.

He was an only dog, but grew up around and played with our Westies almost his whole life. They considered Maxx just one of the pack. When his human parents traveled, Maxx came and lived with us. He even liked the cats of the house. So naturally, we volunteered to become his God Parents.

Things we'll remember most about Maxx...

As a puppy, he would stand in his water bowl to drink, always making it dirty. We had to build a wood stand to hold the bowl so he quit knocking it over.

What Maxx loved most was catching balls. He could become obsessed with it. He would jump so high to catch one in the air and then run it back to you so you would throw it again. He did some amazing twists midair to do the catch.

He loved his walks...

He was so funny the way he would hang over the edge of the couch and hold his ball between his feet and just play with it. It looked like he was going to drop it, but he never did.

When he stayed with us, he became just another dog on the bed at night, although he was first to get up in case Gail wanted to play ball with him. Sometimes he would just lay in Gail's arms and go back to sleep. But play is what he loved best.

One of the things we'll miss most is his wonderful butt wiggle and tail wagging. Then he'd twist his body back and forth just waiting for that ball to come to him, the way he did with all of you. He never took his eyes off the ball.

Oh and then there is the silent bark when he wanted to take time outs from his play. But no matter what, he was always a joy and made everyone smile.

He will be so missed by us and his parents, but he is without pain now and in a good place waiting for us. I hope he has a ball...

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