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In Loving Memory

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I had been looking for an older Husky or Malamute for a while, one that would get along with a gentle child, and my cats [indoor and outdoor feral]. Any artic breed lover knows that finding one that is good with cats is a challenge. They are out there, but sometimes difficult to find. I came across a picture on craigslist of an older malamute that was rescued by Shiba Scout Rescue because he was on the euthanization list. [he was older and had some leg issues so was deemed unadoptable] They branded him "St Nick" and also rescued a handful of other pups the night before Christmas. But I had to stop myself and ask – was he good with cats? I knew he was good with kids because he was pictured with a toddler running around the yard. I put in my application and decided to "foster to adopt", just to make sure he was right for our family.

The big guy came to my house at night, kinda stumbling off the car ramp, you could tell he had some leg issues, but was this 95 pounds of just sweetness and uncertainty. [I was keeping my heart guarded just to make sure he was right] After a week with him, I couldn't help but fall in love with this old man who clearly had some past traumatic issues, but was obviously somebody's dog in the past [he knew EXACTLY what a fridge was, knew sit, and shake]

Nick LOVED hanging out in "his" yard, guarding by the door, watching the world pass by, as he could do as he pleased [indoor and out]. He preferred sleeping outside, [like a lot of artic breeds] which I initially was against, but it pleased him so, and I wanted him to be happy and just live a content life, as he should. Over the next months I had him, I realized he had several medical issues in addition to NOT liking to be picked up, or his legs touched. He HATED car rides and would literally tremor, fight me, head butt me, anything to NOT get into a car. I called him Hannibal often because he had to be muzzled in order for me to do anything with him. We had several scares with him getting ill but he always pulled through.

The last time he became ill, I knew something was "different" with this illness and within the first day, called Jason to come out to see him since I felt taking him in the car would just stress him out even more. Jason was so kind and assured me after examining Nick that we were doing the right thing when he realized his system was shutting down. His passing was so respectful and peaceful, under the shady trees in his yard that he adored.

I had a talk with Nick before Jason arrived because I had a feeling this was it – I wanted him to know how much I adored him and how happy he made me. I told him I wasn't sure what his life was like before me, but I can only hope I created an environment of safety, happiness, and love for him. He may have been someone's throwaway, but he was everything I had been looking for and he was the perfect dog for me. He loved my son, he even made a best friend with one of the feral cats. [it took months for that cat to get over Nick being gone. He would walk around the yard meowing and looking for him] I'm pretty confident Nick knew how much he was loved and respected. He sparked a passion in me again to care for seniors and special needs animals. The short 7 months I had him was a blessing and I'm the lucky one for having met and loved him. He changed my life in ways that most won't even know or understand. I miss him, but keep myself busy by giving back to unwanted seniors and disabled pets in his honor and name. I often look at his paw print Jason made for me, with some of his crazy malamute hair and dirt stuck in it, touching it knowing he's always with me.

Thank you Jason for giving Nick the dignity and respect this old man has always deserved. You are truly an angel.


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