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In Loving Memory

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1996 – 2012

From the first day that she came to us to the day she passed on, Sheila, our little Blue Heeler always brightened the world. She was a very intelligent, caring, and understanding dog.

We were in a little flea market in the White Mountains of Arizona when we saw puppies for sale. She was the only blue healer in the litter of Husky pups, and even though she was very small, was the most outgoing of the bunch and won our hearts right away.

As Sheila grew older, she became a very beautiful dog, with a very sassy personality, and a lot to say about life. She really enjoyed to play catch with her tennis ball until she just couldn't any more, nip at our heels to let us know she wanted to go on a walk, do tricks for treats, and bark very loudly through the fence at the dogs next door.

When we moved from New Mexico to Colorado, she comforted our daughter all the way to our new home by keeping her head on her lap the whole five hours and licking her hand. She was very understanding of emotions and really knew how to comfort someone.

When she turned 14, everyone thought she looked about 8 years old. She still had a very spunky, sassy personality that could make anyone laugh on their hardest days. She still loved to wrestle with our younger dog, Annie, and they would do this every day. She still loved to play catch in the backyard with her tennis ball, and she loved to run around off leash at the big, open park by our house.

Thank you Sheila, for being the most amazing dog we could ever ask for. You set the standards for other dogs to come into our family. We love you so much, and you still live on in our memories and amazing experiences that we have had with you. Thank you for being a bright little angel in our lives. You accomplished much in your long life...

With love, Forever,
Your Family
Jill, Gary, Gabrielle, Annie, and Kitty


Home pet euthanasia services offered primarily in Adams County, Boulder County, Broomfield County, Denver County and Weld County in Colorado. Accommodations may be made for home euthanasia services in outlying areas in Colorado with sufficient advance notice. We accept credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, or you can pay by cash or check. Full payment is due at the time of service. Thank you.

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